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Our Story

After meeting through friends and our involvement with Falmouth University's photography department, we quickly began discussing what it was like to be working women in the creative industry in Cornwall. With our views and ambitions aligning, we quickly decided to come together to form Henwyn Collective, a place where we could work the way we wanted on the projects that interested us most. We are a new group, having only established in 2023, however we have already worked on a series of community engagement workshops and a music video.

Meet the Team

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Kate Bell

Kate has over 15 years experience working within the field of facilitation, from working to engage at-risk children in photographic practices in an after school clubs, to becoming the artistic director of Envirolution, a Manchester based environmental festival, and leading children's workshops at festivals across the country. With 15 years experience working as a photography technician with specialism in risk assessment and health and safety policy writing, Kate is well versed at engaging a variety of ages and abilities in the magic of photography. Kate has particular interest in alternative and sustainable darkroom. She has developed a series of creative darkroom workshops, including cyanotype, liquid light, mordançage, chemigrams and film soup, which she delivers regularly to students at Falmouth University.

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Natalie Theobald

Natalie is both a creative practitioner and a support worker who has worked in a multitude of different mental health settings, using Film and Photography as a therapeutic tool to improve people’s well-being. After working in the film industry for ten years, she retrained as a Play Therapist and Mental Health Support Worker. Combining these two passions, she helped facilitate therapeutic workshops for a range of vulnerable people, including in children’s homes, PRU’s and with a leading homeless charity. She understands the importance of creating a nurturing and open-minded environment and tailors each session to individual needs. As a woman in a mainly male-dominated film industry and managing a chronic health issue, Natalie is well-versed in the challenges people may face and this is reflected in her practice and work ethic.

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Kathryn Sainsbury-Wilkes

Kathryn is an analogue photographer with 8 years of experience in a variety of educational roles, most recently working in Falmouth University’s Photography department and delivering analogue photography workshops to vulnerable learners. Throughout Kathryn’s previous roles and personal life, she has endeavored to be an advocate for inclusivity, diversity, and environmental responsibility. This was recognised by the National Centre for Diversity in 2017 when Kathryn was shortlisted for the ‘Most Inspirational Individual in the UK’ award. In her individual practice, Kathryn is an experimental photographer and 3D artist, often creating work that pushes boundaries of what may be considered conventional photography. In her latest project, she converted living trees into functional pinhole cameras.

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