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Using our collective experience of a range of photographic techniques, we are able to put on workshops that cover a range of topics, and that are accessible to all, regardless of individual needs and ability. We have particular interest in sustainable and alternative darkroom practices, but also can deliver more traditional techniques and photography basics. We always want our workshops to be affordable, as so we aim to find finding for all our sessions, so that they can be delivered at no charge to the participants. 


What: 18 months of free monthly workshops, learning a range of photography skills

When: The third Sunday of every month, times to be confirmed but approx 3 hour sessions

Where: IntoBodmin, Old Library, 10 Lower Bore Street, Bodmin PL31 2JX

Who: Our workshops are welcome to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. The workshops are split into 3 month long modules, so you can pick and choose whichever suit you. Some will be aimed at beginners and others at more advanced learners.

Schedule breakdown:

Camera Basics

February – An introduction to the work of George Ellis. Looking at photography apps making pinhole cameras

March – Further breakdown of the basics of photography - Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO - and going for a photo walk in Bodmin

April – A minibus will take us to Kresen Kernow to visit the George Ellis archive and practice photography on site


Alternative Photography

May 18th – Learn how to make prints using plants with Anthotypes and Cyanotypes

June 16th – We will set up a darkroom and play with experimental techniques such as Chemigrams and Lumen prints

July 21st – A day of workshops and collaborating with BodZine

August – Break
Analogue Photography

September – Visit Falmouth University to shoot in a professional studio and develop the images in the darkroom

October - Take photographs with film cameras in both a homemade studio and around Bodmin

November – Develop our images using traditional hand tanking


December – Social Event

Christmas themed social event and workshop, details to be arranged


Documentary and Portraiture

January - We will look at George Ellis' World War II pictures, then head out to photograph local businesses

February –  Set up a portrait studio at IntoBodmin and practice portraiture

March – Invite friends, family, and locals along for an open studio session


Advanced Photography

April – Learn how to set up and use a Product Photography studio

May – Using DSLRs to try out Macro Photography

June and July - get ready for exhibition and final wrap up



3rd - 5th November 2024, Okehampton YHA, Dartmoor

In the Autumn of 2023, we were invited by the University of West England's photography department to come and deliver a series of witchcraft and folklore themed workshops. With the perfect backdrop of Dartmoor, we went foraging and used what we found to make lumen prints, chemigrams, and even learnt how to use plants to make natural developer. After setting up a temporary darkroom in the YHA, we explored techniques in spirit photography and developed the images right on site in the hostel. 


Feb - April 2023, Old Library, Bodmin

Just after launching as our new collective at the start of 2023, we created and led our first series of workshops as Henwyn. Working with IntoBodmin and Kresen Kernow, we delivered a series of 5 community engagement workshops, teaching local residents a variety of photography skills from DSLR basics to cyanotype printing. Doing much of our promotion for these workshops through social prescribing, welfare of the participants was our upmost priority. The exhibition created will be on display at IntoBodmin through April 2023.

Our feedback...

"This was an absolutely outstanding course, every session was the highlight of my week"

- Jocelyn Murgatroyd, March 2023

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